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Lican Beowolf. He is King Mael's Hunter and Protector over Senquais City. He is a carefree guy even when battling. He is an Advanced Water Mage and can defeat anything that involves water. He is skilled but does not compare to the King. He is just a Water Mage. No Dragon.

Underwater bubble looks like a hoop

"The air leaves your lungs in a bubble, and your chest starts to burn in agony...and that's when you know that was your last breath." (B3: Break of the Storm) ~Wendy Hamlet

Lidia Kochetkova Olesya Yarokhina | David Hamilton | Soon International #13 - 3 Sensual Fashion Editorials | Art Exhibits - Anne of Carversville Women's News

Je ne savais pas si j'aurais l'honneur de te revoir un jour, mais je l'espérais…