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  • Camino Nomada

    The world’s most intense natural color comes from an African fruit, the blue berries of Pollia condensata, a wild plant that grows in East Africa. It uses an uncommon structural coloration method to produce the most intense natural color ever measured. Instead of pigments, the fruit’s brilliant blue results from nanoscale-size cellulose strands layered in twisting shapes, which which interact with each other to scatter light in all directions.

  • Ashley Fenn

    The berries of the Pollia condensata plant, that ranges from Ethiopia to Angola and Mozambique. Scientists have called it the most colourful biological species known. State-of-the-art microscopes showed its iridescent skin - meaning it changes colour according the angle at which it is observed - has no blue pigment. Its intense colour comes from the interaction of light with tiny fibres of cellulose strands stacked as layers of helixes within the cellular walls of the fruit’s skin.

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EVITE CORANTE ART. AZUL BRILHANTE: é encontrado em cremes dentais, doces (principalmente aqueles que pintam a língua), bebidas como o licor Curaçau Blue, maquiagens, remédios, etc. Esse corante pode chegar à corrente sanguínea através da pele, língua e do aparelho digestivo, pode inibir a respiração celular, relacionado a alergias e asma. Nos rótulos: Brilliant Blue, FD&C Blue 1, FD&C Blue No.1, C.I. 42090 ou E133 (na Europa).

zebra shells, by omnia: would be nice in clear glass jars or bowls as an accent piece

what GEMS!! // Marni Brass And Blue Gem Ink Earrings

Jabuticaba – The Tree that Fruits on its Trunk ~ Kuriositas- No, this is not a belated April Fool’s prank. They look as if they may have been pinned there by an over enthusiastic gardener to impress the neighbors but the fruit of the Jabuticaba really does grow off the trunk of the tree.

Close up of Spines on a Cactus by Clive Nichols, via Flickr

This is a Jaboticaba tree, native to Central and South America. The fruit grows out of the trunk! These grow in the Phoenix area, and they sell them at Tropica Mango.

We used to squish these berries with the stuff inside the dried out branches and make mud pies.

2012 PHOTOMICROGRAPHY COMPETITION Maik Drechsler University of Osnabrück Osnabrück, Germany Subject Matter: Phalloidin stained embryo of Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) (20x) Technique: Confocal

Prehistoric Flower Revived. A narrow-leaf campion, revived from the remains of 32,000-year-old fruit that was found buried within the fossilized burrows of ancient squirrels deep in the Siberian ice. Photographer: Svetlana Yashina via Bloomberg

Elie Saab - I want to wear these dresses all day, every day.

The blue fairy wren of Australia.