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    Most people know the author Theodor Seuss Geisel by his pen name, Dr. Seuss. And most folks who know Dr. Seuss are well acquainted with his children's books -- 46 time-honored classics, which, despite

    The Guy who makes a mock of democracy

    • Susan Heep

      The Guy who makes a mock of democracy, published by PM Magazine on July 30, 1942

    • Will LeSuer

      The Guy who makes a mock of democracy

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    Dr Seuss

    I'll run Democracy's War. You stay in your Jim Crow tanks!

    World War II Comic Postcard: A Little Behind on my Mail, 1942

    Dr Seuss cartoon mocking American isolationism, July 16, 1941.

    Most know Theador Geisel a.k.a Dr. Seuss for his famous children's books. However, he was also an established political cartoonist during World War II. In this political cartoon, he mocks the alliance between Germany, Russia, and Japan.

    Photograph from "Our Wonderful Women" a World War Two book published By Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd recording the service which women in Britain gave during wartime.

    Publik Notice: This bird is possessed of an evil demon!

    A sergeant of Manchester City Police poses in full gas protection suit during the early years of World War 2.

    Help win the war? Me?" Smith-Corona typewriters ad. Feb. 23, 1942. Thousands of girls would answer the call and go to Washington, D.C. to work as "government girls" during World War II.

    American soldiers in France, World War II

    World War II poster

    Dr. Seuss World War II Cartoon

    Sometimes I wonder...

    Spreading the lovely Goebbels stuff

    STOP all U.S. Progress

    WWI: The Last Days of Mankind... as a Boy Scout barbecue...

    Collecting aluminum in 1940 for the war effort. Recycling them into materials used by our soldiers. The young,old,black,white,rich,poor,male or female-EVERYONE HELPED!

    Hanns Ann Alexander wedding 1946 A Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany marries a captain in the Britsh army (himself a refugee from Nazi Germany) after World War 2

    He's a noisy little so-and-so, but, sweetheart, he's all ours!

    The Wonders of Russian Science, published by PM Magazine on January 16, 1942, Dr. Seuss Collection, MSS 230. Mandeville Special Collections Library, UC San Diego.