Dr. Seuss Political Cartoon (Note: The posting of this cartoon doesn't necessarily mean the poster agrees with it. It was posted in the name of scholarship.)

Political cartoonists of the New Yorker have long been known for their social commentary work. Comedy can be found in the woes of the times, like in this comic that comments on the current jobless issue in America.

“If You Had Any Initiative, You’d Go Out and Inherit a Department Store” Barry Goldwater (1909–1998), the long-serving Republican senator from Arizona, inherited a Phoenix-based chain of department stores when his father died in 1929. Associated with the conservative movement, he became a major player in the Republican Party in 1961. Herblock reacted sardonically to Goldwater’s hard-line conservatism, which he felt was unrelenting toward the poor, particularly the impoverished in the African…

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