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Backyard Pest Control: Call us at Facility Pest Control for outside maintenance sprays that are eco-friendly, cost efficient and will rid your yard of pesky critters.

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DIY Pest Control. List of chemicals the pest control companies use and where to buy them for way less. Do it yourself and save big time. No more bugs!

Our nationwide reader survey reveals the best methods for managing common garden pests, and provides details on which pests are worst in each region. Get down-in-the-dirt advice — including reader tips — on controlling slugs, squash bugs, aphids, cabbageworms, squash vine borers, Japanese beetles, tomato hornworms, cutworms, grasshoppers, cucumber beetles, corn earworms and

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Seed Saving Tips and Ideas • Great Tips and Tutorials! Including from 'tipnut', this tutorial on saving tomato seeds.

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10 Tips for Organic Gardening and Pest Control. Love these tips to naturally keep your garden healthy and ways to get rid of pests without harmful chemicals and pesticides! #gardening