Indian elephant painted for a wedding ceremony beautiful

elephants !!!

Painted Elephant by Charles Freger- National Geographic

ELEFANTES ADORNADOS - Elephant Festival, Jaipur, India

elephant before festival:)

Painted elephants in India

Beautiful artwork of elephant by McKenna Van Koppen

Painted ellephant! I like them so much because they are always laughing and so cute!

ॐ Decorated Indian Elephant at Hinduism Festival in India - as a sign of respect for God. Hindus believe God pervades in all living beings as they all were created by God, hence animals are held sacred in India and are most respected with Hindu art, decorations and paintings. Another reason why majority of Hindus/Indians are vegetarians. 85% of India are vegetarians- अहिंसा - non violence, Hinduism - BAPS Swaminarayan. 卐

the heliphants are coming...did you know they are one of only 2 "tribes" of animals that mourn and grieve for the loss of one another?

The Painted Elephant

Source: xflowergypsiesx

charles freger - elephants in jaipur

LOVE.ART.INSPRIATION, evolution of an elephant :) This is beautiful; check out her site...

Hand Painted Stone Elephant by ISassiDellAdriatico on Etsy

Close up picture of my new elephant #paintedstones

Over the years, the annual elephant festival in Jaipur has become a great hit with tourists as well as the local populace. It is always held one day before Dhulandi (Holi). The festival will begin with the 'elephant procession' in which decorated elephants walk in row in all their finery before an enthralled audience. #CoxandKings

This just makes me happy, gosh I love elephants

animal mashups. combine 2 animals with pattern of a different animal and draw it in its surrounding

how to draw an elephant - Google Search

restraint in paint - lovely yellow elephant