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Wow!... can you believe I have a list of fifty, yes 50 gluten free crock pot mealss! I hope you will check out this list of gluten free crock pot recipes.

50 Easy Chicken Breast Recipes

See how the U.S. grew from 13 colonies to 50 states

This YouTube channel has a 2+ min video for each state with capital, state flower, state tree, state bird, state motto, and major attractions

50 states song. A great way to not only memorize the song but visualize the states and where they are as they sing.

Links to 50 States Unit Studies

landforms cookie: great review after landforms unit

Bundt Pan as Vertical Roaster - For a juicy bird thats crispy all the way around, first layer potatoes, carrots, and onions on the bottom of the pan. Then season the chicken and place in the pan with the cavity over the center hole. Set the dish on a cookie sheet to collect any drippings and roast as usual.

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The Fifty States of America is a popular notebooking topic. It can be the basis of a unit study, or it can be a supplement to your American history...

Get ready to break out your pots and pans because we're doing some old-fashioned cooking. With this free eCookbook, Welcome to Amish Country: 16 Easy Amish Recipes from Mr. Food, you'll be living like the Amish people in no time! We're sending your our best cooking dishes so you can truly experience the Amish culture.

50 States -Delish

50 States - Learn the state, then color the name and state on the map with corresponding colors.

A new twist on a song that names all 50 states and capitals. awesome video with the drawing to go with it all. i think the kids will love it. [Tour the States - Official Music Video]

Loooooove this! map nesting cans - my town is inside my state which is inside the US which is inside...

Biscochitos are New Mexico's official state cookie. Simple flavors: cinammon, sugar, and anise!

Parmesan Meatloaf

Penne with Asparagus, Sage and Peas (Food Wine Magazine) This is yummy. Highly recommended! lotsacoffee