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    • Adele Melvill

      Sometimes we just have to let things go life quotes quotes quote life move on life lessons let go inspiration

    • Kyla Houchens

      Sometimes We Just Have To Let Go life quotes quotes quote life quote truth let go relationship quotes instagram instagram quotes

    • Callie Ann

      Great quote by Francis Chan. "It is true that God may have called you to be exactly where you are. But, it is absolutely vital to grasp that He didn't call you there so you could settle in and live your life in comfort and superficial peace." I love Francis Chan!

    • Liz Brown

      Words to Ponder! Love this Quote! We Are not given a GOOD life or a bad life! We are Given Life! #Quotes #Words #Sayings #Life #Inspiration #Thoughts

    • Ani

      This quote describes that even the biggest or little things in life we just have to leg go no matter what because is good for us too! X

    • Skye

      I hope this quote speaks especially to those who tend to hold onto grudges. Not only is the tendency to "hold grudges" a very ugly & unappealing personality trait, but also in the long run it will also only serve to destroy once-healthy relationships (because people will grow sick of this) & it will ultimately destroy the grudge-holder's health over time as well. Let things go -- Life is too short for negative nonsense.

    • Amanda Boone

      i choose happiness quotes | and choose to be happy / inspiring quotes and sayings - Juxtapost

    • Rabbittude Buntique

      Sometimes we just have to let things go. #Quotes #Inspiration #Motivation

    • Claire Browning Stephens

      So true. Would love to teach on this at some point (and live it myself).

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