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A new meaningful way to eat M’s…  (yes I do this. Except for the sending it back part)

A new meaningful way to eat M&M’s…

If you eat M's you need to read this picture and do what it says. Then one day we will have Super M's in an iron clad candy shell. Read this to understand.

lmfao I love this!!! and would totally do this.... hahahaha

lmfao I love this! and would totally do this.

You can just sign it xoxo from every football playin, guitar picken, honky tonk singin, good lookin, rockstar dancer, Husker lovin, RICH, build me a couple mansions, super sweet with kids, dad loves him, buys me my Tiffany ring, funny, cowboy rancher out there! (I think that covered it)

i hope to have a daughter so i can do this one day haha :)

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This person's milkshake didn't bring any boys to the yard.maybe they don't like milkshakes.Naah, that's a crazy thing to say. Who doesn't like milkshakes?

We have to do this at work ALLL the time cuz we cant have fun with all the sick people around!  LOL

The awkward moment when you laugh so hard.I'm ashamed to admit that I actually do this.

i just choked on a chip from laughing so hard. add the fact that "reallyghetto.com" is a website and this picture is my new favorite.

Check out the lamp shade.Don't have money to buy a lamp shade? Buy a bucket of chicken instead.


You're having a baby? I'm going to continue enjoying sleeping through the night and spending my money on myself.