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    Love this! So simple. Start off with a nice base coat to keep nails healthy, and to prevent yellowing and for easy removal. Next paint the base color of your choice and let nails DRY COMPLETELY. Next use rubbing alcohol in a small container, and dip finger in until nail is fully under liquid. Soak for 5 seconds. Next have a small piece of newspaper, and press against wet nail for 15 seconds. Remove paper. Do the rest of your nails. Finish with a strong top coat.

    Newspaper nails

    Learn to decorate your nails with paper! Newspaper, scrapbook paper, magazine..anything with this simple tutorial

    1.paint your nails white/cream 2.soak nails in alcohol for five minutes 3. press nails to map and hold 4. paint with clear nail polish immediately after. You can do it with scrapbook paper too! Must do this!!!

    newspaper nails - tutorial

    With rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper you can have some awesome nails!

    Newspaper Nails Tutorial

    Awesome so doing this!

    Cool Newspaper Nail Art Ideas,,

    Newsprint nails

    Turquoise Nail Tutorial (Took me a while to find the tutorial and figure out what made the polish crack - rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle!)

    How to fix cracked or broken make up. Easiest fix ever! Where has this tip been all my life?

    5 things you didn't know about your nails #health

    The tutorial is EASY BREEZY to understand!

    Removing glitter

    remove nail polish, it really works!

    DIY newspaper gift bags.

    DIY heart mug.

    Cork candles. Finish your wine and collect corks. Then soak them in a capped mason jar filled with aceatone alcohol for a week. Light them up and enjoy making the easiest candle there ever could be. Happy summer!

    Alcohol ink coasters