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    Lol true

    All the time!

    so true(:

    all. the. time.

    Relatable Post # 2502- O.o


    I laugh at this now, but the next time I see a spider, this will be running through my head...So true

    Hahaha true

    my mind is blown


    truth about likes

    Every. Single. Time. Shave one leg and it's like, do I really wanna spend another ten minutes cutting hair off my leg with a sharp razor that'll cut me again

    Soooo true!

    I'm not aware of any 11 year olds on facebook, but this made me laugh because of the animal crackers comment.

    goes through my mind ALL THE TIME....

    Yeah, People in America always try to use a british accent, so i wonder if British People try to use American accents! Thanks for reading Teenager Posts