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Natural Tick Repellent for the Yard

by Edriaan Koening
A tick infestation could result in your family or pets getting Lyme disease. You can mow the grass in the yard regularly, clear leaves and use a tick repellent to eliminate tick problems.
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    Natural Tick Repellent for the Yard

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How to repel ticks - plant lavender garlic, sage, and use cedar wood chips as mulch. Keep grass cut around house and animal areas. Ticks like long cool grass to hide in. Also, most ticks are carried by mice & deer so discourage them. Keep Guinea fowl & chickens or ducks to keep the ticks in check!

Adult ticks can climb tall grass and latch onto the legs of passing hikers. Photo by iStock.

Flea and tick yard care...put TICK TUBES, made by Damminix. They contain cotton balls w/ permethrin, a poison that kills fleas and ticks that ofter thrive on the mice that also live in your yard. Mice take the cotton to their dens for nesting, which then kills the resident fleas and ticks.

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Choose plants for your yard that repel ticks and fleas. Pennyroyal is a member of the mint family and repels fleas. Rose geranium plants will deter ticks from entering your yard. Mint plants placed in your garden and around favorite areas for children and pets to play will help keep ticks and fleas away.

Tick repellant: one part tea tree oil to 2parts water in a spray bottle. Spray on shoes socks or pant cuffs.

Natural..Tick Repellant... safe for Humans & Dogs

Red Creeping Thyme. Grows 3 inches tall max - no mowing . Lemony scent. Gorgeous with lavender. Perennial. Repels mosquitoes. Can grow as entire lawn. (this could be an answer for me!~~tko)