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  • alimarughhh

    SAME GOES FOR CATS & ALL PETS - "I'm a forever dog not an 'until' dog". Important message from Calgary Humane Society. Worth remembering.

  • Curstin Daniell Rutledge

    Forever true. I hate people that get rid of dogs bc where they're moving "doesn't allow dogs" ....shouldn't you have asked that BEFORE signing the lease?? I LOVE THAT QUOTE. possibly a a tattoo with his paw print I was a forever not never a until dog

  • So Fresh ❤

    #animals #adopt #rescue #dogs #cats #puppies #kittens #care #foster #homes #cruelty #animalabuse #awareness #pets #save

  • Cheyenne Brown

    This is so true, I hate when people do this to animals, just get them and keep them for a few months then something comes up and they say they can't keep them. Really people your so irresponsible! Don't get animals if you can't care for them Forever!

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That dog could be my Sadie! Too funny :) What do you think, Barb Lawson?

Lol so true, & if not, you're not someone awesome enough to be my friend. I agree with Natalie Brown I want to hang this up in my house. :)

Awww my dog scared the shit out of my parents when they found him in my cradle with me

A guy tried to tell me one time that women dont understand the connection men have with their dogs. It's the strongest bond Ive ever felt. Thats what I know.

Amen! My mixed breed dogs have been smarter, healthier and more loving than the "purebred" dogs I've had. By the way... how many of your high dollar purebreds are really pure bred? :)

"A todos os que sofrem e estão sós, dai sempre um sorriso de alegria. Não lhes proporciones apenas os vossos cuidados, mas também o vosso coração."Madre Teresa

I love this... and all the dogs I've been fortunate to know! Thanks, Jan, It Made my Day.

It's hard ot find a friend that's 96% funny, 100% loyal, 100% sweet, so don't lose or leave me.

Love when my doggies do the head tilt....the word Hot Dog gets them everytime