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Nice blog post with science foldables dealing with changing states of matter

states of matter....good idea. Have to adapt for chemical changes

Classroom Magic: Science Matters Freebies. Just remember to use the same amount of cheerios on each example. The amount of molecules doesn't change, just the amount of space in betweent them does in the different states.

They used cheerios to show the particles (I got this idea from a blog over the summer and can't remember it now so if this was your idea thank you!. Then on the bottom of the foldable they had to write 3 facts and 2 examples of each state of matter. They came out super cute!

States of matter lesson- Life cycle of a snowman. Fill balloons with water - small, medium, and large - and place in bowls with the tied side down so it will create a flat surface. Lay something on top of the balloons to create a flat surface on top. Once frozen, remove balloon and stack balls using salt to help them adhere to each other. Cut out decorations with felt and stick to ice.

I love kitchen chemistry... it is just important to teach kids that the matter isn't changing phase but rather reacting.

Do your kiddos know their States of Matter? Find out! Have a great science unit on Solids, Liquids, and Gases planned but need something fun to see if the kiddos are “getting” it? Give them this sorting activity where they can draw or cut out pictures to show their knowledge of solids, liquids, and gases.

States of matter and how they go from one state to another state, I may make a little more detailed but nevertheless a great idea. 0358.

This is a book my students use while learning about the states of matter. It talks about different examples, the movement of the molecules, propert...

FUNCTIONAL FOLDING FUN ~BEST SELLER~NEWLY EXPANDED {Based On Common Core Standards} Elementary Paper Folding Flap Books For All Subject Areas! Just print, fold, cut and you are ready to go! Print on colored paper for an added variety! This 80 page unit includes a variety of folding flap books including: blank books which can be used for any topic, Venn Diagrams, word families, contractions, grammar, character map, vocabulary, short & long vowels, math, science and social studies topics too! $

Discovering And Changing Properties - This is a Science Unit based on the Common Core. It teaches states of matter, what properties are, and how properties can change. There are 8 lessons included in this packet. $

Life Cycle of a Snowman! {States of Matter FREEBIE}