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Nothing cuter than a man holding his baby girl (especially when they are dressed like that)

Beckham and daughter. I am determined to have hubby as hot as beckham and a daughter that is that adorable!

There will never be anything any woman loves more than a man in a suit that fits him well. Though we can get with your more casual ensembles, a suit always gets the job done with little to no effort. It screams power and confidence—two things no man should ever leave home without.   - Esquire.com

This Is What Women Want You to Wear (And Not Wear)

Come to me or my daughters, Mia and Macy, if you have any problems.

Strutting their stuff: Fashion designer Victoria Beckham carries baby Harper in her arms as she walks through Paris in France

David and Victoria Beckham get Harper used to the French cuisine as they take her and the boys out for dinner in Paris

The ultimate outfit: denim shirt, flat-front khakis, & a baby daughter

Beckham and his baby girl. David Beckham + tattoos + rolled-up sleeves + cute baby = speechless.

David Beckham (II) Jugando futbol con traje

Los más (y los menos elegantes) de la semana: El día que David Beckham jugó al fútbol en traje

Acheter la tenue sur Lookastic:  https://lookastic.fr/mode-homme/tenues/blazer-croise-chemise-de-ville-pantalon-de-costume-cravate-/6074  — Chemise de ville blanc  — Cravate imprimé bleu marine  — Pochette de costume blanc  — Blazer croisé bleu marine  — Pantalon de costume beige

Victoria and David Beckham. They are leaving Centre Court at Wimbledon for the men's final. They were seated in The Royal Box. (Victoria Beckham is the only Female "worthy" of my board).

My next big buy will definitely be a well tailored 3-piece, where would you not where one? Really!?!

Men's Suits

gray suit, navy tie, cuff links, tie clip, hankerchief in the pocket.perfect if it was in dark gray!