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unexotic: bambi-spirit: A girl without freckles, is like the night without stars i dont have freckles what are u trying to say

Mandy's Heavenfrom Mandy's Heaven

Its Been A Chilly Week

Happy little girl smiles at camera w her hands on her face, happiness, child. “Smile and the world smiles back".

Don't know the photographer but who ever they are very talented.. my guess is this was taken with film, look at those eyes!

LAUGH..till your side hurts & let people wonder what you are up we are all still kids at heart..


Soulful Eyetography: Caitlin Worthington Lets the Eyes Do All the Talking

Stealing souls one freckle at a time

Even in black and white this is just stunning. Her eyes are so piercing and it even reminds me of The Young Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry

On one note, this woman is stunning. If I could look like anyone I would look like her. On another note, I would be privileged to have a character like her in one of my stories.