Puppies That Love Reading

Swing Swing Swing

Shiba's are so intelligent they even read books!

Jack Russell Terrier

It just does not get much cuter... afreakindorable!


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french bulldogs Puppies. if & when I should ever get another dog it will be a French Bull Dog puppy or a Pug. and I will choose the color Black.

go away, go away, go away!

Hey, I love that book.

ok puppies, story time :)

Hello, there. I am your inner editor. You may call me Eddie. I'm here to look over your work, and provide heartless critisism of it.

Pandog :-)

Well hello. ♡

Babyy Boyy

Chihuahua in of my students has a chihuahua and hates wearing her glasses, I wonder if this would change her mind :)

Seriously?! Too stink'n adorable!!

oh my goodness