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    i totally do this!

    • Daze Hub

      Then they make a movie and pronounce it right and its NOTHING close to what you were thinking. repin by #dazehub #daze #laughs

    • Donna Fleshman

      All the time lol funny when the book becomes a movie and you learn the correct way to pronounce it lol

    • amanda

      I read an entire book that had a character named Sean. I had NO idea that's how 'shawn' was spelled so I called him 'seen' the whole time. awesome.

    • Bismillah Rose Preyer

      And when the movie comes out you silently correct the name with your book substitution each time it's spoken.

    • Lauren Glover

      So funny story. I started reading Harry Potter before I knew about this stuff. So, before the movies, Hermione was more akin to "Hermone" (close to hormone) in my head...Thank goodness the movies (or was it the audio books?) corrected me.

    • Katelyn

      So true! more than one movie has surprised me with how they pronounce the character's name from the book

    • Stephanie Whittaker

      lol. All the time. And then the book happens to become a movie or you hear someone else say the name and you're all "That's it!"

    • Alicia Wood ღ

      So true, then if they make a movie from the book your like what that isn't their name! lol

    • Kasie (Stegemiller) Short

      do this all the time for the "girl with the dragon tattoo: books... all swedish!!!

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    I do this all the time! Lol



    Book -> movie

    Gets me every time .

    Lol! I had to look a few times

    All the time.

    "You discover a bruise...The first think you do is think, 'How did I get this?' The second thing you do is? Poke it." - So true!

    Every time.

    So true!

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    The perfect description of my (very messy) bedroom.

    So me.


    Happens all the time haha

    All. The. Time.

    Funny Quotes (16 Pics) | Vitamin-Ha. ALL THE TIME

    This should read... 'After reading a book, I feel like the main character for a few days.' (Until I realize I'm not...then I'm devastated lol)

    definitely me

    So annoying- you can't think of anything else!