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Okay, you gotta stop yawning while I'm trying to take the picture, honey.

Haha noooooo, no. No. | 23 Creepy Pictures That Will Make You Scream Every Time

"Whisper, whisper." Another pinner, Donnalee Leinbach, I think correctly deciphered this creepy photograph! She believes they are standing on the windowsill with their left foot. Me too. But why???

Good night


Hello, I have a story to tell you about a house in Franklin, Ohio (Warren County). I lived in this house for three years and we never really noticed anything until that same summer we moved in. There are several different things that happened. First, my sister started talking about this girl she played with. My sister called her Eleanor, but in all the houses around us there was no one named Eleanor. We just thought it was an imaginary friend or something. Then my brother a

When you see it... If you can't find it, look on the far right in the shadow.

Just a Tip...Stay The Fuck Away From Her Baby. She's Just A Little Overprotective

Most Scary Pictures Ever | Only 3 ppl are allowed to go in at once, if you're not lost you still ...

Medical gurney in the skyway of a New Jersey asylum

Holmesburg Prison, Philadelphia,PA - photo by Matthew Christopher

Abandoned Buildings by Matthias Haker... I really like this one the crib and stroller it an erie feel

This is one of the most haunted hospitals in America. It's possibly the coolest abandoned building we've seen!

Abandoned Buildings by Matthias Haker Why it is relevant. Because it is the kind of scenery that I would describe in my screenplay. What you like about the image The detail. In the image.. What inspiration it provides - what aspects of this inspiration will you or could you use in your own artwork?

Empty: The bed is still covered by a neatly folded duvet in this abandoned farmhouse - but its unlikely anybody would want to sleep in it -- Sorry if this is a repin! ^_^

An abandoned Atlanta schools bathroom is slowly reclaimed by ivy and kudzu. - A.J. Arend

Hannah Frishberg has Captured a Haunting Look at an Abandoned Building

North Wales Hospital (Denbigh Asylum), complete with mortuary and autopsy table, which opened in 1848 and has been abandoned since 1995.

Abandoned Buildings by Matthias Haker

a collection from an amazing photographer who photographs old abandoned buildings. These images are beautiful in a unique an creepy way. These images allow us to explore the building without ever having to leave our own homes.

Another State of Mind Photography (unfortunately, none of the photos had the name of where they were taken)


Read me a story before I go to bed. Something heavy filled with dread. If I wake up screaming in the dark of the night don't bother with me you did your job just right. Grandma, what big knives you have......

Madworld Haunted Attraction & Zombie Shoot www.madworldhaunt.... Looks like something out of Silent Hill.