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  • Mary Pond

    This belt is pretty easy to make and looks good in my opinion. You can use any kind of belt buckle you want for it, I used D rings (Yes, ...

  • Scott Grandstaff

    Easy Paracord Projects

  • priya mittal

    Belt woven from paracord, Took me several hours and lots of MM's to finish it. I actually do have a tutorial on how to make this here.

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Paracord water bottle holder: Using a modified Chinese Good luck knot and a Cross Knot. You will need the following: -An aluminum water bottle -Four stands of paracord each measuring 112" inches (448" total) or shorter depending on what you do at step 6. -A lighter (for melting the ends of the paracords closed) -Scissors or knife -About 4-6 Hours

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