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This statement (when taken in the totality of all we say and do over a lifetime) makes me wonder (unless their is outright abuse) - IS MY WORD MY BOND. Can anyone make you happy all of the time? Everyone has their ... times in the wilderness. Don't stop loving... Even if you are one of those who feel you must walk away. Some people are constantly testing their loved one - to see if they are going to leave and are angry when it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

Feel that way every single second of my life, He'll wait, why bc he loves me n if he knew better he'll wait ? Idk

Top 30 Quotes about Moving on

Brings a few ppl to mind, some ppl are better left in the past. Some times the only way to help someone is to let them help themselves. If they have babies, that's they're responsibility not mine. I'll give gifts when I want to, not when I am asked to.