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The race is long... but it's only with yourself

Wow! #big #Hair #Hairstyle #Frisur #Haare #lang #Style #Volumen #T4F #TwoforFashion

Hairstylist nightmare sorry about naughty word but so true!!!!! @Courtney Scanavino-Schenck @Cali Parisi

Salon Color vs. Box Color

DUH! I don't understand how people don't get this.

Remember to tell your clients - Friends don't let friends use store-bought box hair color!


Pretty waterfall braid, add some flowers for flower girl look, wedding hair style. Birthday hair style.

Hairstylist Humor....this is so true!!! What the heck is 3 layers anyways people?!?!

Hair contact

messy love


1960's mod hair tutorial // how to get this Twiggy inspired look!

Why yes, I did pay thousands of dollars to go to cosmetology school so I can do your hair for free. said no one ever.

If your hair needs a little (or a lot!) of help in the moisture department, read THIS.

Hairdresser humor!

go big and long or super short. haha. my hair motto in life. :0)

You get what you pay for

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