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No one ever works out and regrets it. You never go for a run, and then when you’re finished, wish you would have just stayed home. You never climb a mountain, get to the top, and say, “I should have just been content to stay where I was.”

Found this on an inspirational website with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation

KEEP GOING -- Fitness Motivation have to remember when I can start working out again.

This can be applied to all struggles in life! This does not just apply to working out!

Gotta check it out...pretty sure this guy got this way with Herbalife! Will get back to you soon! Lisa Cassity Herbalife Independent Member.. 520-371-1273

If you say you CAN do it, you WILL do it. Stay motivated. Stay positive. Stay strong.

What is Metabolism? here the answer! Some good food for thought

another person told me i am glowing... i guess it could be my fitness regime.. or it could be my skin care regime - but i think it's coming from inside.. FASTER EFT is transforming my life.. and has become my passion - super excited to get the business rolling.. look out PacNW - you need this...

Fueled by ADVOCARE. Healthy products that keep your "engine" running smooth. :)