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"I swear it, Reva. It's not funny." I fell against the ramshackle miner cabin. I rested my forehead against Ella's. Our baby girl. So small, so new. Tears dripped from my cheek's to the newborn's. "It's not funny, Reva. Don't laugh." Copyright-J.J.

Use your German Accent to read.......Google Image Result for

from The Berry

Daily Awww: Dog lovers unite! (33 photos)

Been takin a small break from pinning on my board best loved by Mother Nature need to get the other boards some more pins

from PetHelpful

Large Dog Breed Information and Photos

Neapolitan Mastiff WOW!

Sheesh! Imagine if you ordered the LARGE! :P Anyone think they can finish this monster?

Fridge guards. This is why I try to open my fridge as few times as possible. They sure do love their carrots. If I open it often Sunny will stick her body in and won't move even if I let the door close. Sheesh! (SR)

Ernst Haas I would have pinned this if it wasn't for what the dog was doing! Photographer! You were laughing when you took this, you HAD to see your dog. sheesh.

from Etsy

Candy Cane - Red and White Knit Dog Hat - Small or Medium

Just ordered this for Mistah Con in Blue! He's going to hate it, but he'll live, because he's going to look so damn cute!