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Zooey Deschanel. Wow, I have never heard a woman speak about being a woman better than this quote. - I need to allow myself to do this more.



Yes,now I realize why people like u used to be frustrated working..figuring out an issue for the president and he is happy but to get it changed is like going thru the red tape..and he expects it to be don and person who don't do anything or know anything is manager and the other one takes for ever to do something..and so they procrastinate..jeez...

I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned.

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What’s Stopping You From Meeting Mr. Right?

The nightmare that it was

Wow this is so true

Just a thought…

Wow this is so true

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30 Helpful Life Quotes

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward. -C.S. Lewis.<<<<unless ur flexi