Dream big

Haha true

It never works!

Haha. this sooooo applies to people at work!!!

True. So very true...

Lol oh so true

someecards http://media-cache2.pinterest.com/upload/199425089719580406_xbGVO2A1_f.jpg glocoat things


....so true.

Hahaha so so true!


I told myself that I would make myself feeling like the first quoted thing on pinterest. It was in attempt to cheer up bc it's always full of inspiring quotes. Of course, this would be the only one on the page and this is exactly how I already felt. Apparently, the universe agrees that I'm entitled to my feelings.

Sometimes you feel like a million bucks and sometimes you feel like a food stamp. ecard

Sad but true.

Lol, I feel like this sometimes... okay, a lot of times... can you blame me? I'm in high school! I spend my day with a bunch of teenagers!