Note to all guys: plan a secret photographer. Girls want pictures of that moment. :)

The best wedding picture

This couple returned to the spot where their wedding photos were taken to capture another milestone...I love this

This is the CUTEST wedding picture EVER! Totally doing this

obviously this has to happen!!


By the time I marry my love it will have been 5 years of long distance... The wait is so worth it.

photos in a river. Love it.

Notes to the bridesmaids on their shoes!

engagement picture inspiration

Adorable wedding pictures from the dude side of things. I like the socks n glasses but the shirts thing is played out

Girls, find a man that will you look at you like this one day. so precious

Also hilarious.

A special photo with each its not so deja-vu with the same pose SELF NOTE: Send as 'thank you's for each bridesmaid

funny wedding picture

I want to know how this is done..

What a special moment...picture before the wedding

hiking proposal. take note, my love (;

Engagement Photos

After wedding picture. so beautiful