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Rich, warm colours and elephant dung

Chris Ofili - Confession (Red)

chris ofili | 2009 chris ofili photo stephen white chris ofili confession lady ...

The-Healer by Chris Ofili

chris ofili


Chris Ofili, Iscariot Blues

Chris Ofili Mono Naranja, 1999–2002

Chris Ofili - one of our favourite artists

Painting With Shit on It, 1993, Chris Ofili

chris ofili

Chris Ofili Homage 1993-95 oil paint, acrylic paint, polyester resin, map pins & elephant dung on linen 183 x 122 cm

Chris Ofili Chris Ofili

Chris Ofili

Chris Ofili

Chris Ofili heads into the shadows | Hip, cool and wildly inventive, Chris Ofili burst onto the scene in the early 90s. Now he's ditching the dung and the glitter, and going some place darker

chris ofili

Chris Ofili

Chris Ofili Popcorn Tits 1996 oil paint, paper collage, glitter, polyester resin, map pins, elephant dung on linen 183 x 122 cm

chris ofili | Chris Ofili Mono Amarillo 1999–2002

Ovid – Windfall, by Chris Ofili (2011-12). His works reflect his belief that sex and lust were the driving forces that led to the fates of Actaeon and Callisto

Chris Ofili Bird In this work I can tell the artist has used the material of indian ink which works well with the flowing effect

Chris Ofili.... aye, i can't take it!

Chris Ofili at Tate Britain