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    • DianaDee Osborne Songs / Osborne "INK"

      BALLERINA TUTU style beautiful fish with long wide tails of waves in pink - white or purple - green. Beta fish would be a great idea to have as a classroom pet because they are low maintenance. Apparently like Gary the Aquarium resident who lives in the Sponge Bob Squarepants pineapple. (I wouldn't know -DdO:)

    • Lisbeth Coto / Lis de Fleur

      Beautiful Betta Fish [Also Called Siamese Fighting Fish], Seen Here in Pastel Colors, 'Sky Betta' are Pastel Blue, 'Cellophane Betta' are Flesh Colors :: Magnificent !!

    • Bobby's Dancewear

      Beautiful betta fish #aquarium #fishtanks #pets - These guys were born with their own tutus!

    • Virginia Tisdale

      Beautiful Fish - Fish Tanks - Feng Shui Abundance - Beauty - Romantic Entry - Front Entry - Home - Home Design - Home Interiors - Home Exteriors - Sensual Interiors - Luxury - Luxury Interiors - Sensual Home - Sensuality - Sensual - Feng Shui - Feng Shui Design - Interior Design - Love - Relationships - Marriage - Dating - Romance - Romantic Interiors - Romantic Designs - Love - Feng Shui Design Your Sensual Home at - Get Your FREE Feng Shui for Love Report.

    • Ella

      Beautiful betta fish it's like she is wearing a dress #aquarium #fishtanks #pets.

    • Liz_Lovesyu

      Beautiful betta fish #aquarium #fishtanks #pets wow I want all of them

    • Christina Irene

      Beautiful betta fish #aquarium #fishtanks #pets @Tricia McCormick

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    Betta Fish

    Did you know there is a betta gene called "Marble" that causes them to change color throughout their lifetime? If you ever see a betta with splotches of might be a marble! Keep him in warm water with plenty of room to swim and you will see your fish change colors and thrive!

    how beautiful

    Most Bizarre Fish You’ve Ever Seen? A diver swims with a huge ocean sunfish, or Mola mola, off the coast of San Diego. They are the largest of the bony fish and often get mistaken for sharks due to their dorsal fins. They feed on jellyfish and plankton and are curious of humans, as seen in the photo. One threat to molas is drift nets, which they often get caught in, and garbage such as plastic bags that they mistake for jellyfish, their favorite food.


    holy crap wtf! Meet the sarcastic fringehead, an oddly named fish who looks like the Predator


    I have this bad boy in a silver ish not so much blue in my tank having babies with a turquoise half moon female

    Show Quality Betta Fish | ... betta fish- SUPER SHOW QUALITY yellow halfmoon HUGE FINS- exact fish

    Lightning maroon clown fish

    Jeremiah Mini Japanese Fighting Fish by Jay Strongwater at Neiman Marcus.

    "Namiko" Japanese Fighting Fish Figurine by Jay Strongwater at Neiman Marcus.

    This is what my Puffy looked like, except there was also pink and purple through his body and fins!

    Beauty of Bettas

    Purple Betta Fish | Purple rosetail | Betta Fish Pretty colors. Thejavawitch

    Rosetail Beta Fish

    Gold betta fish

    Beta fish This one is beautiful. I love the colors. Especially black. Incensewoman My girls love their fishy fishy We've had him for 4 years