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Learn about impact craters on the moon by sculpting and painting your own moon! Interested in learning more about craters? Check out this link and try the flour activity:

Oreo Cookies to Teach the Phases of the Moon! I love this idea! Learning this phases of the moon can be quite boring, but this would certainly keep the students attention! Although, they should not be allowed to eat ALL of their cookies!! ;) *Sarah Graf

photo of: Kindergarten Skeletons (LizzLessons via RainbowsWithinReach)

"If planets were in the place of the moon…" all i could think was that the changes in gravitational pull would probably destroy us... Oh, and that's pretty

Introduction to the Moon for kids. The Moon orbits the Earth; lunar phases; and lunar and solar eclipses. First in a series of three videos.

Doodle On The Moon! {free printable moon & creative crayon rocket ship craft}

Turn a coffee table into a space ship and blast off to the moon for a day filled with imagination and play!

Sun Earth and Moon Model. Cheap and Easy! We painted ours instead of using crayons. They are so bright and colorful.