Now I know why I don't get any sleep some nights.

so true...oh my life smh

Funny Quote - Cleaning is just putting stuff in less obvious places or like my husband, cleans the garage and puts the stuff in the living room and not where it belongs

Just sayin'....

It wouldn't happen to be you would it PAUL!?!

yup. I really need to focus on stressing only about real situations and not the worse case pictures I make up for myself!: 99 Problems, Quotes, Truth, My Life, Funny, So True, Thought, 99Problems

I have a problem...

no problem

This happens all the



So true!

So true.


HAHAHA - that's so TRUE!

Ha! This is so true!


And afraid to flush the toilet b/c whoever is hiding in the house will know we're awake? OK, I'm the only one...