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  • briagell perret

    my vintage book collection (in blog form).: I Know an Old Lady, illustrated by Abner Graboff

  • Lisa Schwerin

    I loved this book as a kid! My mom used to sing me the song a lot too. I Know an Old Lady written by Rose Bonne, pictures by Abner Graboff (1961).

  • Meagan DeLoach

    Favorite childhood book.

  • Shelby Friesen

    I Know an Old Lady Abner Graboff ***This was my favorite book when I was a kid! Still know it by heart!***

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Easy Bake Oven - Exactly like the one I had

Liddle Kiddles

Dawn Dolls...

I MISS THESE SO MUCH!!!! 1972 Dr Scholls Sandals Ad - wish I could still find these somewhere. They were the best sandals EVER.

This is the exact model I had during college - same color, same case. And it was my dad's college typewriter before that! ~~ Royal Typewriter Quiet Deluxe Portable w/ Manual & Receipt Working

We had one if these in our house. I think it was my little brother's. he went kinda crazy riding it.

The Big Dipper - Geauga Lake OHIO. (Sigh - I miss you, Geauga Lake.)

Geauga Lake longer around but it sure was fun

Vintage 1969 Mattel Wizzzer Top

1950s Vintage Kitchens, Mid Century --- I don't care how out of date this looks, I'd LOVE to have this kitchen

Mr. Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo!!

Spirograph. I don't think I ever completed a single doodle without a slip. Could never make a single perfect one. :-(

DIY Creepy Crawlers -- My sister had this one, I had the Incredible Edibles. These were the coolest toys!

HASBRO: 1967 Frosty Sno-Cone Machine #Vintage #Toys -- I had this exact model!!!

The cast of The Princess Bride - 25 years later.

I MISS THESE SO MUCH! I think some of my back/leg issues would be fixed if I could get a pair of actual Dr Scholls

Clackers were da bomb. Possibly literally, because they got taken off the market for being so dangerous. Or maybe that's just what mom told us...

Vinnie Barbarino

Antique McCalls Giant Golden Book Make It Childrens Crafts --- I LOVED this book. Didn't get to make too much of the stuff, but just reading it was inspiring to my young mind.

Surprise Package was published by Disney in 1944 as a Giant Golden Book. It is a compilation of 12 stories that were all in various stages of development at the studio.

So, basically, advertising agencies have always been the spawn of Satan.

Grandma & Grandpa had a gold-colored sofa (which grandpa called a davenport) in this style. Looked cool, but the fabric was rough on the skin.

Oh, our next door neighbor (who we called "Gramma" Slosser) had one of these in the back yard when I was little

The Leggs Egg - the inspiration for so many bizarre craft projects

My sister and I had this exact Mother Goose book when we were little. Wonder what happened to our copy...?