Brain Bucks freebie! Use Brain Bucks to motivate your students to look for creative solutions to problems. I kept an envelope of Brain Bucks handy to reward good thinking any time of the day.

QR Codes in the classroom - easy, fun, and there is a freebie in this post!

3-minute brain break ideas

Positive notes for students! Free!

learning the art of teaching one day at a time

Each time a student BLURTS out loud without raising hand they have to take one down. Last person to have all 3 gets rewarded! Man I could REALLY use this this year!

Reward Coupons - No cost rewards that you will actually use! Motivating and fun. $

This is such a great FREEBIE!

I love this. Especially the "May I have some time to think?"

Classroom Coupons-Fun rewards for students!

My students love these Brain Breaks! Quick, easy, and so much fun!

Host a Classroom Scrabble Tournament! Teach your students how to play Scrabble and host a tournament in your classroom at the end of the year.

love brain based!

Do you assign homework? Read the research on homework, sleep, & the student brain.

An Educator's Life: Rewards Made Easy

New student packs

bright student vs. gifted learner (GREAT for parents to read!)

27 things to do with students who don't pay attention

Get students' attention

A motivational note to help get students ready for their state testing. Show your students you believe in them, while gently reminding them of taking their time and following directions. $

Teach students to celebrate differences and appreciate each other with the book Unique Monique. Lots of terrific ideas in this guest blog post about how to create a caring classroom family.