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  • Paige Draper

    Nightingale Cosplay Costume. My favourite armour in skyrim. Really wanna have a go at making it. Be great for comic con!

  • Amethyst

    Would love to modify this into an everyday outfit! How to make Skyrim armor: Nightingale set with bow and sword | Beebichu's Costume Creations

  • Karii Kosmos

    cool!!! I like secret ninja looking warrior girls! Skyrim thieves guild armor ?

  • Monica Dahl

    Nakeya's assassin's armour minus the face mask

  • Bethany Brewer

    Nightingale cosplay costume. The nightingale armor is my fav armor in skyrim

  • Krista Smedley Perkins

    Is this Nightingale Armor from Skyrim?? Warrior woman - Source:

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