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  • Nihon-No-Katchu

    This group of young Satsuma samurai study a modern map of Japan but found it difficult to adjust to the changing circumstances. Immediately after posing for this photograph they went off to join the rebel forces and were all killed soon after.

  • Litbloc

    Vintage Photographs Of Japanese Samurai Warriors visit for more.

  • Yorke Antique Textiles

    戊辰戦争 (War of the Year of the Dragon) The Boshin War was a civil war in Japan, fought from 1868 to 1869 between forces of the ruling Tokugawa shogunate and those seeking to return political power to the imperial court. It found its origins in dissatisfaction among many nobles and young samurai with the shogunate’s handling of foreigners following the opening of Japan during the prior decade. Over time, it has been romanticized as a “bloodless revolution” despite the number of casualties.

  • Vicky El Vikingo

    Samurai Warriors studying Map

  • Inigo Esteban

    Felice Beato // Samurai of the Satsuma clan, during the Boshin War period (1868–1869). The interest of Southern clans, in contact with outsiders, to overthrow the stablished Tokugawa shogunate and its rooted clans in order to gain control for themselves by supporting the Meiji emperor to full power. The real modernization of Japan

  • Hideki Scherb

    vintage photos of old time japan

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cdv pf young lady by Andrew & Carson, Hillsdale, MI, ca. 1861-1865

Samurai from the Satsuma clan, Boshin war era, late 1800s.

Civil War era two sisters at table, unusual collar and in the background appears to be a dead woman - odd photo....

Boshin war era samurai, the one on the right has a sode jirushi on his shoulder and a shoulder carry sword belt.

Yakunins, Japan. Photographs of Japanese officials in Nagasaki 1868.

A yakunin, Japan. Photographs of Japanese officials in Nagasaki 1868.

2348597171_2a4deca69d.jpg 347 × 500 pixels

Japanese samurai armour laced with red threads with bamboo, tiger, sparrow motif; from Kamakura era, 1185, Japan

Samurai in armor. (1860 - ca. 1900) Baron von Stillfried

Yamaoka Tesshū (山岡 鉄舟?, June 10, 1836 – July 19, 1888) also known as Ono Tetsutarō, or Yamaoka Tetsutarō, was a famous samurai of the Bakumatsu period, who played an important role in the Meiji Restoration. He is also noted as the founder of the Itto Shoden Muto-ryu school of swordsmanship, which in time gave birth to the modern Japanese style of swordsmanship or Kendo.

A Kabuto is a helmet used with traditional Japanese armor usually worn by the samurai class.