State Fair of Texas

Texas Vineyards & Beyond in Fredericksburg, TX. This is a quaint little German settlement that throws a great Oktoberfest every year! Used to be a quiet getaway until tourists discovered it. Now it is quite crowded all the time!

38 Restaurants to try in Dallas - date nights! Just in case the Hubby and I ever get to go on another date night

I love my state!

State Fair of Texas ~ Texas Star!

Texas state line

The Texas "bug". State Fair Of Texas Auto Show. (And look at that great map)

If you can fry it, it's at the State Fair of Texas.

Texas state mugs

I love my home state of Texas! :-)

Texas State song

Big Lou's Pizza, San Antonio, Texas - Yep I've been there!! The pizza really is THAT big!!

Dallas Fair Park

Big Tex, the State Fair of Texas, Dallas lovely mascot of sorts, pictured above, burned down last year but will live in our hearts forever.

Texas Our Texas, the state song

MN State Parks - I would love to be able to cross all of these off my list some day

TX Timber - use this idea to make any shape and decoration you want.. make a moose, bear, or a really cool state like the State of Alaska!

The State Fair of Texas is so beautiful, it’s what dreams are made of. | 32 Reasons Why The State Fair Of Texas Is The Greatest Gift To Humanity