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Gingerbread House - A frame. Much easier for kids to put together and decorate, even done with graham crackers. I love the roof!!

I think this is just about the coolest gingerbread house I've ever seen

8 Amazing Gingerbread Houses (Plus Treats You Might Actually Make) - Christmas - Cooking -

Snow cake. WOW! This is a masterpiece! One of the most beautiful cakes I have on my board! The intricate details must have taken days! Whoever made this cake is truly talented and has a love for their craft. Kudos to the cake designer!

Traditional New England gingerbread home!!!Bebe'!!! Love this elaborate decor made from candies, cookies and other foods like crackers or cereal!!! Love this truly awesome house!!!

Not sure who this sassy beautimus is, but damn ... he/she is good!!

Gingerbread House - do searches for styles, recipes, ideas, etc....

Gingerbread House - lots of photos of the National contest every year at Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC. I have gone to this and it is amazing what people create!!!

Christmas Gingerbread the icicles!! Click on the link and there are several cool!!

Gingerbread Castle -- Completely edible, this stands over three feet tall with candy mosaics and handmade candy fairies. It's made from 11 batches of gingerbread, 20 batches of icing and pounds of candy and cookies.

French Bakery (Former First-Place Winner) - JodiLee Larson of Oakdale, MN, works at a St. Paul bakery and regularly whips up cream horns, cannoli, and decadent chocolate cakes. But her Parisian patisserie is truly unique. "This is the bakery of my dreams," Larson says. Look closely for chocolate shingles, marzipan pastries, and chocolate-covered raisins in the stone porch wall.