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so anything weird is limited edition. sports are limited edition. vegetables are limited edition. pink in limited edition.

Definitely... ッ

So thankful for my family and friends who LOVE me when I'm not lovable! TRUE, so TRUE ! "The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren;t very lovable.

I don't have OCD

Disorders are extreme, constant abnormalities. Don't say "Im so OCD about this one thing; Im so depressed right now; I am so ADHD when i dont get enough sleep." Mental disorders should not be thrown around.

My friends call it the "stank face". - you want to avoid that face. LOL!!

This is so me lol. I "roll my eyes out loud" all the time!

Hilarious! I so could have used this the last couple of weeks.....I need this

No Soliciting sign. Soooo need to make this. Our sign that says "no soliciting" clearly isn't enough because people knock on the door daily.

truth btw watch machine gun preacher if you haven't seen it yet

Money isn't the only thing that makes one rich. I would rather be rich in love and happiness than have all the money in the world and be without them. Having all of it would rock though ;


My life is so much more interesting in my head- SO true. i'd love to live inside of it. at least sometimes :P

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Guys do you guys have any idea how to increase height? I am soooo short. If anyone else says they're short, let me tel you my height! You will seem SUPER tall compared to me!

motivational love life quotes sayings

Colorful, printable signs for the classroom, great for Sunday school. "Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. Right is right, even if no one is doing it.