Store sign idea

IMG_7656 from the Junk Market. Love this quote because I get so tired of hearing people come to craft shows and discuss (in audible whispering) how to recreate my ideas.. some even boldly photograph my ideas and walk away. Don't be one of these people.

Good sign for a flea market, antique mall, or craft show...

Buy Now or Cry Later is your pre-seasonal clearance promo in your consignment or resale shop, says

Well, it COULD say "Consignment Shop" or "Thrift Store" or "Best Sale is RE-Sale"... couldn't it? says "you have a spare 2-way, don't you?"

Custom Plank Style 4 Letter Lighted Marquee Sign - Designed by You, OPEN sign, Spell It Out

Today is a Good Day to be Happy Sign from an old dough board.

Pay Here Sign

buy vintage chalkboard sign via elizabeth and co

In your window as a stand-up sign. Painted on a dressing room wall. Or even made into staff T-shirts for your consignment shop (for a "Superbowl Sunday Widows" event?), thinks , Too Good to be Threw, the Premier Site for Professional Resalers... Your husband called and said to buy anything you want.

fun display windows!

Easy Hand Painted Wood Sign Tutorial - FYNES DESIGNS

Flea market.

Wouldn't this work good? ;)

What a clever (and sneaky) way to get YOUR consignment, resale, thrift shop info into your visitors' phones. That's a perfect type of tip, isn't it?

One of my favorite songs.....

Take another look at that window signage: it's a wicker headboard! Cute, memorable, & CHEAP! What every #consignment, resale, thrift shopkeeper aspires to, right? :-)

I've Got Sunshine Wooden Painted Sign by CricketStudioArtwork

Celebrating a new place with a DIY Canvas Open Sign

Rustic welcome sign tutorial. Lovely, unique, and FREE!! ^_^ done and hanging on my door. :). With old queen Anne's lace nested of twigs.