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DJ on Full House had one... Always wanted it. I had a Snoopy phone instead

love full house.

full house.

All of a sudden you realize your true age because you remember using the rotary phone...

Full House <3

I never could get it like I wanted

Remember this??

Something I always wanted and never got

Rotary phones

previous pinner gave this info - Italy’s most ghoulish site, this crypt houses thousands of corpses, fully dressed and hung from hooks. The practice began in 1599 when local priests mummified a holy monk and allowed visitors. Soon regular residents of Palermo wanted to be remembered in this fashion. Bodies are arranged by gender and profession; their facial expressions often eerily visible.

Retro Snoopy Phone and Lamp

Fisher Price

Loved Snoopy


The first telephone pay station in Los Angeles, 1899.

Snoopy rotary phone

Hamburger Phone, we used to have one! Along with a garfield phone that I believe we still have!

Business phone

I used to love this stuff. Does anyone remember the hunky guys in the ads?

Little House on The Prairie

T-shirt clips, oh yeah!