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    Haha | CostMad do not sell this idea/product. Please visit our blog for more funky ideas

    As bad as it sounds...It's true

    Seriously... you don't know frizz like I know frizz unless you have wavy/curly hair. Ugh. Washington is not especially kind with this phenomenon. :P

    This is physically painful to read. ...No, seriously, I have an acute pain in my head after reading this.

    EXACTLY!!! (and, P.S. Cary Grant needs to be added to this list . . . just sayin' . . . )

    Fro power. I have heard curly hair called "unprofessional" in the workforce. You don't listen to that! Whether you are Black or have a Jew fro or just blessed with type 4 hair, you are natural AND professional!! If you want to straighten your hair that is great too but you don't ever HAVE to in order to be taken seriously. Discrimination is not okay.

    Isn't that the truth though...The hair dryer one looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book XD

    I LOVE red hair, one day i will dye my hair some shade of it.

    Curly Hair Problems... Yep. Okay this is the most accurate post that is related to me ever

    This cracks me up! I need this. If my husband knew this existed, he would buy it for me and stick it on the wall! He loooovvveeessss messy hair. :D xoxo