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So True! First Grey's, then Private Practice, and now Scandal.

On a scale from...

Now it puts the lotion in the basket; this is awesome! ha

Snow Monster

:) very fitting for my dogs. Trygg loves to chase anything with wheels, and Finn sings this song to me every morning.

Somebody got a snowjob

Clusterfluff 2013 #corgi #snow #meme

Every time you say "asparagus" around my dad, he always responds with, "it'll make your pee stink!" Always.

Can't stop laughing!!


Haha yes

art joke! -This might make a bit more sense if Degas was pronounced De Gas instead of Dega

Portlandia: Spoiler Alert: this clip contains spoiler alerts.

Mustaches and Crime @hannahloseke

Love this!


i am convinced that our economy would be doing alot better if every walmart would open every register they have for two reasons. #1 people would be in and out quicker and #2 everyone in this nation would be employed! :)


it's yoga.

haha oh honey badger #birthday #ecards


I cried I was laughing so hard! He does this perfect.