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    An article on muscle growth that I need to keep reading!

    • Jeannette Henninger

      Respect your body! For more Fun Fitness & Healthy Eating Tips as well as more Inspiration & Challenge Groups send me a message on FB my link is in my profile or check out or IG @j.henninger

    • Tribesports

      Respect your body! #tribesports #jointhetribe #challengeyourself #fitness #motivation #fitspo #inspiration #quote #body #improvement

    • Shell Bel

      I'm all for respecting your body, but I've recently had my eyes opened to the fact that while trying to attain our physical goals, we forget to be kind to ourselves, and our self-esteem gets trampled on in the meantime. I'm trying to change that about myself.

    • Berenice Zulauf

      Respect your body! #tribesports #jointhetribe #challengeyourself #fitness #motivation #fitspo #inspiration #quote #body #physical exertion #exercising|

    • Thereasa Ki

      Respect your body! #challengeyourself #fitness #motivation #inspiration #quote #body #improvement

    • Workout Music

      When you respect your body, you will want to take care of it. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or become a gym rat, just try and make healthy choices most of the time. Respecting your body also means not insulting it. Every time you do something good for your body your self-respect and body image will go up. Pay yourself a compliment or accept compliments from others instead of dismissing them. (via Chris Freytag)

    • Heather Williams

      I love this. Respect your body enough and love yourself enough to be fit and healthy.


      Sexy Workout Motivation for Women | Gym Motivation Quotes Respect Your Body

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