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    No way I'm getting lost.....Baby Elephants In A Row

    Sand Cat – or Felis margarita, a little known species of desert cat. In the wild it lives in areas that are too hot and dry for any other cat – the deserts of Africa and Asia, including the Sahara.


    Pharaoh, a White Serval, at Big Cat Rescue.

    Photo Morning By Dmitry Kobeza


    Manul, a small wild cat by Foto Martien on Flickr.

    Africa | At full speed. Little Cheetah cub. Kenya | © Marion Vollborn


    we miss the 80's...

    The Pallas's Cat (or the Manul as it is often called) is about the size of a domestic house cat but it has some characteristics that make it quite different from our furry friends. It has quite the stocky posture and long, dense fur that give it the appearance of an overly stuffed stuffed animal. It's eyes are unique in that it has round pupils instead of slits like most other small cats. Pallas's Cat has shorter legs than those of other cats and ears which are set very low and wide apart.

    Mr.Fox is eating bird's foods by Kent Shiraishi,

    The African wild dog, also called Cape hunting dog or painted dog, typically roams the open plains and sparse woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa. These long-legged canines have only four toes per foot, unlike other dogs, which have five toes on their forefeet. The dog's Latin name means "painted wolf," referring to the animal's irregular, mottled coat, which features patches of red, black, brown, white, and yellow fur. Each animal has its own unique coat pattern, and all have big, rounded ears.

    Red Squirrel Family Tree: Vitali Bondar.



    Chetah mom and kid

    Kung fu Squirrel!

    Bear meets wolf by Lasse Niskala (Ilta-Sanomat)

    bataleur - african eagle, terathopius ecaudatus