.Seriously retarded!

It's amazing that adding round up automatically makes something more expensive!: Giggle, Quote, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Humor, Jimgaffigan, Jim Gaffigan

i love jim gaffigan

so funny. so true.


Oh, college.


This is my life.


This made me laugh!! Read More Funny:

It all seems so obvious now!! :)

running realization

ewwww I don't know whether to laugh or not???

this actually really pisses me off and offends me that people find this funny. as an art major, an art education major, i know i have little chance of finding a job but i still choose to do what i love which is teaching your (future) children how to be creative and create beautiful works of art because you're too lazy to do anything artistic with your kids at home.


Hahahaha, the truth..

Funny love it