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  • Lindsay Dugan

    Each player gets a bag of M that are hidden under an upside-down plastic cup and 6 bowls (one for each color of the M). When its time to start each player takes away the cup and separates their M into the colored bowls. They may only use one hand. And the biggest challenge is that they have to go in colored order based on the the labeled bowls. After a minute is up whichever contestant went through the order the most times, wins!

  • Dawn Young Snowdon

    Some fun game ideas!

  • Wendy Hurst

    Separation Anxiety | Cooking With Jilly: Baby Shower Games

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Baby shower game - Have guest sculpt a baby out of playdough and teh mum-to-be judges the bast (and worst) creation.

super cute idea. people MUST pay attention to me haha

Decorating onesies at a baby shower. Great idea!

Baby shower game Also Who Knows Mommy Best game and pregnancy questions

Baby Shower Game this is what we did with wooden clothes pins that were decorated with each persons name. Each person gets 1 clothes pin & if they say the word baby they lose their pin. If your the 1st person to catch that someone said baby you get that persons pin

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