Wonka Cake...just for the hubs ;)

Kit Kat Birthday Cake

How to make any number out of cake without special cake tins / pans. With instructions for cutting and using either purchased, pre-baked, or home-baked cake, made in basic shapes. (For U.S.A-ians: Swiss roll = jelly roll; slab cake = sheet cake)

21st Birthday Cake?

M & M Cake

Construction Cake - sweet and lovely crafts

tiramisu cake!

cake decoration - this is amazing! So want to do something similar to this for Kimberly

Rainbow Layer Cake Recipe with Italian Meringue Buttercream. (the trick to vibrant cake layers is to use food coloring gel not liquid)

Watermelon Flavored Cake

Rainbow batman cake

Kit Kat cake - perfection. mini cake for Lexa

100 Birthday Cake Ideas.

birthday cakes

Birthday cake ideas

Birthday cakes

Birthday Cake

Basketball Cake

First Birthday Candy Cake

birthday cake?