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window tray at the drive-in..burgers in a plastic reusable basket, reusable ketchup and mustard squirters, glass bottled soda also reusable....hmmm...pretty smart in the "old days"

http://www.sl100.com/main.html - Going to the drive-in-movies was such a big part of my growing up. How wonderful it was to sit outside on a...

I loved the Jukebox. Where ever one was I had to play it.

I loved going to the A Drive In.

Actually rolling the window down

I never had one of these, but loved going to places that did have them.


Oh the good old days before the gimme generation.

Burger Chef restaurants

The beginning of "all natural".

Defrosting a freezer

1974 - speed limit lowered to 55 mph


Gas Stations used to be called service stations ... they would rush to your car, check the water and oil, put air in your tires, wash your windows, and pump your gas.

old school lunch trays

drive in trays

Drive-In, 1950s//

School Lunch Trays from the 60's 70s Just like we had in grade school!

8 Track tape player.

.....Knob on steering wheel.

Remember how smart Edith Ann was? ..."and that's the truth!"