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    window tray at the drive-in..burgers in a plastic reusable basket, reusable ketchup and mustard squirters, glass bottled soda also reusable....hmmm...pretty smart in the "old days"

    I loved going to the A Drive In.


    Oh the good old days before the gimme generation.

    Gas Stations used to be called, "Service Stations." - because you GOT service there!

    Lassie & Timmy - this pretty much sums up my childhood!

    old school lunch trays

    drive in trays

    Roller Skates

    This is one way that I actually rode in a car as a kid.....I'm sure lots of kids did.

    I remember reaching into a huge cooler the size of a chest freezer, and pulling out a drink that was dripping with ice cold water, popping the bottle cap off with the built in bottle opener ?

    i remember these...they would never make it on the market these a toy, anyway clackers!

    Actually rolling the window down - Going to the drive-in-movies was such a big part of my growing up. How wonderful it was to sit outside on a...

    Drive-in movies

    I never had one of these, but loved going to places that did have them.

    1974 - speed limit lowered to 55 mph

    I remember these pretty summer scarves

    hot water bottle

    Steering wheels were big, thin, and hard.

    I loved the Jukebox. Where ever one was I had to play it.