Super - How Social Is The Web? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Web as we know it was first introduced in 1989 as a way for scientists studying high-energy physics to share information more effectively through the use of hyper-text documents.

Possible argument essay topic: social media is harmful to... (Informative/expository topic: the harmful effects of social media.)

10 Types of Social Media Addicts - Which One Are You?

Social Media Addiction is a growing epidemic. Here are 10 types of social media addicts who suffer from social media addiction.

Onavo Presented the graphical stats of 2011 top 10 used iPhone apps and data usage. Of course this stats also shows Facebook is the top most app which was used and 3 top app is ...

The 10 most used iPhone apps - Las 10 iPhone Apps más usadas - Le 10 App per iPhone più utilizzate

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Social Media Insights - Metrics that matter Advertising Stats Note the low average CTR and the benefits of sponsored stories.

El Futuro de las Comunicaciones Móviles Sociales en la Empresa [Infografía]

El Futuro de las Comunicaciones Móviles Sociales en la Empresa [Infografia]

Sosyal medyada tüketicinin gücü.

The power of the social consumer. Social business must be tailored to consumer needs, or goods and services will be boycotted.

Why Mobile Commerce Is on the Rise [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Mobile Commerce is On the Rise [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why mobile commerce is on the rise. Stats regarding global mobile trends, mobile consumer behavior, mobile web and m-commerce. Most interesting and unexpected result: use their mobile at home.

'Social Insecurity - Got Social Media FOMO?' by Column Five - Advertising, Art Direction, Design Agency from United States

Social Insecurity: Got Social Media (Fear Of Missing Out). Social Media FOMO is forcing people to see what others are doing