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  • Tami Matsumoto

    Chocolate Wasted Cake by Art of Dessert: chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate chips, chocolate candy bars on top, chocolate drizzle, oh and liqueur too! Yikes!

  • Kaylee Gerlach

    Chocolate Wasted Cake by artofdessert, via Flickr click through & read this; insane. It's chocolate cake with Kahlua, chocolate buttercream frosting, chocolate chips, 3 different kinds of candy bars & drizzled in #Cake recipe #yummy cake|

  • Linda S

    Bake two layers of delicious chocolate cake. Then, I drizzled each cake layer with some Kahlua. I wanted to use chocolate liqueur like Godiva dark chocolate or white chocolate, but all I had on hand was Kahlua, which is a coffee-flavored liqueur and Disaronno, which is an almond-flavored liqueur. Either one would've worked well with the chocolate but since my brother also loves coffee, I decided to go with the Kahlua. Then, I filled and frosted the cake with rich chocolate buttercream. Then, I completely covered the sides of the cake with Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips. The trick to doing this is to take a handful of chocolate chips and gently press them onto the cake. I placed the cake on a revolving cake stand and I had a large shallow bowl underneath it to catch any chocolate chips that may fall. Next, I topped the cake with an assortment of chocolate candies. For this cake, I used Hershey Kisses, Hershey bars, Kit Kat bars, Twix bars and Whoppers. With so many candy choices of out there, I'm sure I can make this cake dozens of times and have a different batch of candies to top the cake every time. Last, I drizzled some melted chocolate all over the cake. I crisscrossed the melted chocolate on top and then poured more around the edges of the cake. Chocolate Wasted Cake by artofdessert on Flickr

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Made this for a friend's engagement party..... so delicious! Make sure to have three inch high pans though instead of two (otherwise it will overflow) or make four layers instead of three. Also, allow time for the frosting to soften before frosting. (i always forget that!)

Chocolate Wasted Cake~Ever since my brother started using the phrase "I wanna get chocolate wasted" from the movie Grown Ups, I've been wanting to make this cake for his birthday. Being a chocoholic myself, I had no trouble coming up with ways to fill this cake with layer upon layer of chocolatey goodness. Just looking at this cake, I think you'll agree that it definitely deserves its name.

chocolate cake anyone? por mi madre de el esposo?

Malted milk balls on a cake. How clever!

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Triple Chocolate Pound Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

New favourite chocolate cake recipe Chocolate cake with mousse-like chocolate frosting and dark chocolate ganache drizzled on top.

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A GREAT chocolate cake is hard to come by. This one looks lovely, and with a fluffy but not-overly-sweet frosting!