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  • Jamie Olivas

    fill a truck bed full of pillows and blankets and drive in the middle of nowhere to go stargazing.... Bucket list..... Perfect date night idea!!!

  • Faith Shannon

    A good date night idea for future reference :) #bucketlist

  • Amelia Bowman

    Valentine Star Gazing ~ If you have a truck or can borrow one, pack a picnic dinner and head for the mountains. Star gaze and enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day under the stars. It is an inexpensive and very romantic way to spend your evening with your valentine....This is on my bucket list with the hubs!

  • Tayler McCamman

    Star gazing date.... Perfect idea to add to my summer bucket list

  • Lauren Linton

    Campout under the stars? Yes, please. mine and jonathans next sleepover datenight ;)

  • Megan Kettner

    bucket list --pickup truck camping/ stargazing (drive-in idea?)

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This is how we will be when he tells me to look up while were cloud watching and I'll see the two airplanes making the heart. Just for me he'll say.

I would settle for this as a date! gazing in a truck with a bed of pillows, blankets! - awesome.

Camping over night on the beach is one thing we will never do again, but this is a cute set up for the day and late night ((:

Drive in movie fun! I think I might have to put this on the summer fun list with the kids :)

High in the mountains as the fire turns to coals. Crisp fall cold sneaks up on us. My Wife, two German Shepherds and me. Staring at the starts and listening to the night.

Grab the right person and you'll have the time of your life.

Date nights! So many couples get so stuck in the same routine, they forget they SHOULD go on dates!!!!

Cute.(: I would love to actually lay in the bed of a pickup and gaze at the stars with my guy. The pictures always make it look so cute! Haha.

date ideas for those nights we don't know what to do ... or y'know, things I would do with my best friends next time one of us proclaims, "Whadda you wanna do?"

This basket holds 12 envelopes.  Each labeled with a month of the year.  And each envelope contains a pre-planned, (mostly) pre-paid date